Carrabassett Valley Bike… not too early to think about the MTB season ahead here in the capitol of Maine MTB scene!

How We Do It. From the grassroots growth of MTBing in CV… no years of planning around a table, no Gov’t Ec Development instigation, indeed, the many locals like Bob Ash who worked to make it possible to share their passion for MTBing with others, have subsequently created a whole new dynamic for economic opportunity here in CV through increased tourism numbers in the warmer months.

Find Bob at Valley Crossing year-round… tuning skis at Happy Tunes when they are open, running CV Bike out of that location when it is not!

YES, he can get you a new bike! Yes, he can fix you & your kid’s bike! Yes, he RENTS bikes to those who don’t have their own, yes, he charges Franklin County prices; we have the trails, he has the expertise & whatever you need, come visit this summer to see what you’re missing if you haven’t already checked out our 100 miles plus of trails for all abilities & ages, & support us local businesses when you do, please.

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