Baxter Outdoors – Tundra 10K

Winter in Carrabassett Valley is truly a special time. Home to the highest concentration of 4000 foot peaks in Maine, CV is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise.

The Frozen Tundra 10k will take place in the heart of CV, beginning along the banks of the Carrabassett River. The course will consist of an approx 6-mile segment of snow covered trails with moderate elevation gain/loss.

Participants will have two race options to choose from. They’ll be able to choose either a nordic ski 5k + snowrun/snowshoe 5k (10k total) or a full snowrun/snowshoe 10k. For those choosing the full 10k run, the entirety of the course will take place on ungroomed single track trail. Depending on the conditions, either snowspikes or snowshoes are recommended. For the nordic ski 5k + snowrun/snowshoe 5k, the first half of the course will be groomed for a classic ski and second half will be ungroomed (snowshoes or snowspikes suggested.

There’s one more catch. You must carry all of your gear with you. Nordic racers must run the final three miles with their skis on their back while snowshoers who transition into a snowrun or vice versa must carry their snowshoes with them at all times (strapped to a backpack tends to work well). This race is both a test of athleticism and agility, pitting speed versus strategy. You’re free to run the whole thing and keep your kit light, but depending on conditions, that may actually slow you down!

The race will begin and end at the Carrabassett Valley town offices.

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