2014 Canoe Poling National Championships

On May 23rd the “few and proud” stood tall in their canoes and held the annual Canoe Poling National Championships on the Carrabassett River in New Portland, ME. ┬áThe historic “Wire Bridge” ┬ámade for a perfect venue for the event and the water level was just about perfect. We talked with Chip Cochrane and got a bit more insight on the sport…


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  1. Great video of 2014 Poling Championship-many thanks-please You Tube more poling videos- can’t get enough-been poling Brisbane &surrounds [Australia] sea&rivers over the last year in a Mad River Legend16-never encounted other polers here. Cheers–lonely poler.

  2. In my previous comment on poling the email address was incorrect–should be tduffy @ aapt.net.au

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