Check Out These Beautiful Handmade Wooden Skis at Lucid Skis

There’s no denying that modern skis are some pretty impressive technology. Carbon fibers, aluminum, I’m pretty sure mine have pure Kryptonite in them. People today tend to look at wooden skis as a relic, a fun museum piece, but nothing they could ever honestly ski on, and nothing that could match the performance of the latest Atomics or K2’s. But the good gentlemen down at Lucid Skis are out to prove us all wrong with some beautiful handcrafted wooden skis that will keep up or even outperform anything else on the hill. Made right in Avon, Maine, you can head down to Kingfield to see their showroom. Manufacturer, or really, artisan Nick Mukai was in the studio to demo some of their offerings.

 [flv:lucid_skis.flv thumb.jpg 480 360]

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