More on Hiking Bigelow via the Appalachian Trail

A few years ago when we made a commitment to bringing local information to our viewers to make their stay in the Maine High Peaks Region the best it can be, two of the first videos produced by our intrepid “Lonely Hiker” were for hikes on the AT at either end of the Bigelow Range. At the NW end is Cranberry Peak & at the SE end is Little Bigelow, both moderate hikes, &, in these videos, both are a good snowshoe trip in the winter, too!


Our production quality has become better since those days, but we trust the info is still useful for anyone who wants a glimpse at our region’s Appalachian Trail sections. We celebrated the 75th Anniversary of the completion of the last two miles of the entire AT between Sugarloaf  & Spaulding Mtns. on Aug. 18, 2012.


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