Get outside and enjoy the changing seasons

It always seems to happen overnight here in the Western Mountains of Maine. One day we are wearing shorts and jumping in the river and the next we are searching for our base layers and drinking pumpkin spiced beer…

Mountain Biking on the Reddington Loop from the Sugarloaf Outdoor Center.









Other than how many layers we put on first thing in the morning and what beer is in season not much changes. We are still out riding bikes, hiking the trails, enjoying the bodies of water in the area and just enjoying the crisp air outside. One of the best things about the fall in our opinion is that the bugs have seemed to move on and bug other things, and best of all the feeling of anticipation. With cold nights and frosty mornings we are reminded of one thing. Winter is ahead of us. Mmm… fires from the wood stove, how much snow we gonna get conversations, long underwear, waking up in the dark, cheeseburger soup from The Bag and oh yeah, playing in the snow.

Out for a tour on IRA mountain with Carra Dog.








So as this past summer fades away and the anticipation of this winter comes upon us, don’t forget to enjoy the now. The foliage is getting better daily. Fall rain storms bring the rivers up and make them able to paddle. Biking just feels better when it’s below 70 degrees. There’s always a fair happening somewhere this time of year and the beer, well that’s always good no matter what the season. So before it’s dark at 4pm, get outside and enjoy! The flakes will be here before we know it…

Sugarloaf in the Fall as seen from the Sugarloaf Outdoor Center.

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