Author of Victoria Falls. James Hornor, on the Mountain Report Dec. 27

We help promote Carrabassett’s Library year round for the wonderful added asset it is to our Town’s residents, & visitors! The morning of Dec. 27 we invited James Hornor to come & talk about his book ‘Victoria Falls’ because he was doing a 4:30 book talk at the library that day. It was also a Watch & Win show. We generally edit out that part of interviews, but this time, we left it in so everyone can see what W&W is all about! Next time, you can be in to Win, too… Jan. 18-20, Stay tuned!
Want a good read? Pick this one up!
From Green Writers Press on ‘Victoria Falls’: “James Monroe is a sophisticated American professional on mission for The World Bank in Africa during the early 1990’s. Despite his worldliness, his actions betray a late twentieth century innocent abroad who embodies both the bravado and the debilitating insecurities of the modern American male.
Set in Zimbabwe, Kenya and Bombay, India, Mr. Monroe’s journey into authenticity results in a series of failed relationships that reveal the dark, enigmatic recesses of his complex personality and eventually land him in a hellhole prison in Bombay. His tragedy unfolds into an ending that no one, especially Monroe, could have possibly predicted or imagined.”

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