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Irene wasn't the only time we had high water in CV!

Nothing like stinking hot weather to make us pull this out of the archives! March of 1987 saw the ‘once in 500 years’ flood, & though this footage may not mean much to most folks, it’s a COOL thing to view on a day when we’ve been glad to swim in the Carrabassett after work!!!!

The Sound of Music in the Mountains

There’s no more majestic backdrop or fantastic natural audio-enhancing environment than you’ll find when you experience a symphony orchestra playing in the western mountains of Maine! This archive footage from the Portland Symphony Orchestra is a good reminder that the Kingfield POPs w/ the Bangor Symphony Orchestra & Noel Paul Stookey (oh WOW!!!) will soon be […]

Other cameras captured the spirit of Sugarloaf long before WSKI's

We are grateful to the Foster family for giving WSKI a copy of their home movies from 1964 at Sugarloaf when the hardy skiers worked & played with gusto to create the grand reputation of ‘Sugarloaf’ that so many now know & love! This fantastic footage shows so many changes (fashions!!), & yet so many things that […]

Take a ride back in time with Susan in a Stanley Steamer

The Stanley Steamer is one of those special inventions that you fall in love with when you first see (& hear!) one, if you should be so fortunate! This video from WSKI’s Archives by an unknown producer is timeless in its presentation of one of the incredible creations of the brilliant Stanley brothers of Kingfield […]

More from Howard Nielsen's reports on Boston TV in the 1970s

Looking back on the sport we love is an interesting deja vu to northern New Englanders whose social fabric & economies are affected by, at the least, & dependent at the most, on the inflow of money & jobs that a healthy ski resort brings to rural mountain communities. This piece from 1976 will have you either chuckling or crying […]

Howard Nielsen reports on the state of the Ski Industy in the 1970s

The more things change, the more they stay the same, especially when it comes to how the ski business is a big factor in the health of the economy of northern New England overall. This report for Boston television in the mid-1970s shows how much the ski biz affects local towns, & their welfare, when […]

Four Seasons of Fun: the timelessness of Mountain Life!

This vintage video is about ten generations from the original 3/4″ video tape Master edit of the mid-1980s, but you still get the idea! Many of the shots could be re-created today right across the western mountains of Maine. Many are of events no longer occurring, but perhaps inspiration to see our Future by re-visiting the […]

Remember when Sugarloaf hosted the World Heavyweight Championships every year?

Our recollection is that this was the podium scene & weigh-in at the 1984 Heavyweight Championships, with local celebrities Brownie & Zappa doing the announcing & weighing. The ‘Big People’ were always a fun crowd to have at the Mountain, & the event got Sugarloaf more publicity, even nationally, than any other event by far, till […]

Dump Party!

This footage from forty years ago shows the high spirits of the various characters that Sugarloaf has attracted for six decades, at about the time that Carrabassett Valley was becoming incorporated as a Town! Taken at one of the legendary Dump Parties down the Carriage Rd. from the Red Stallion, more than a few of these faces […]

Upper Gondola Line from Mid-Station in the '80s

If you remember skiing before there were winch cats & shape skis, you can appreciate how challenging it was to look good on the great bumps that always grew on Upper Go-Go Line! What a blast it was to see Sugarloaf’s many expert skiers handle the VW size, skier-made moguls on a glorious spring day!