Good-bye Adrian. You were amazing! We will miss you…..

We are incredibly sad that Adrian Brochu has left this earth too early; a hard-working man with a heart for people & adventures, & a visionary of the REAL kind as a lot of Maine people now & in past decades, owe their jobs in the timber biz to the forward thinking that kept mills Adrian was involved in, progressing as others shut. That’s REAL contribution to our communities; thank you. BUT, being a skier, when he came up with this invention to keep snow on the slopes, after seeing us in despair following bad weather events, Adrian became a hero in my Book! The actual project never went too far, but the premise was enough to make me love him forever! Never mind, he was one of the nicest guys you would ever meet and your day was always better after seeing him…… Glad we had the chance to know you, Adrian. Condolences to all the Brochu family.

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