Nor’easter Weather Consulting’s Mallory Brooke visits WSKI-TV 17

When Tony retired last year after 4 decades of providing crucial weather forecasts to us with remarkable accuracy and zero of the drama and exaggeration we see with other meteorologists sometimes, we wondered who’d step in to fill those big shoes, er, boots! Introducing Nor’easter Weather Consulting, who provides pinpoint forecasting and atmospheric insights, including mountain meteorology, to Sugarloaf and other resorts in the NE. Important for snowmaking, grooming, lifts, parking & property maintenance as it affects those jobs on a daily, often an hourly basis, never mind that the weather determines everyday everything around here this time of the year!!! We were glad to have experienced forecaster, meteorologist Mallory Brooke as a guest on the Mountain Report this weekend. And snow is in the forecast, so we say, “Come back every weekend if we can get a snowstorm each week to follow!!” Cheers, and thanks for knowing some of us not only love snow, but our livelihood depends on it! Keep it coming…………………..

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