Snowmobiling, you ask??? We’ve got that, too; word on the trails is the riding is great!!

Stratton / Eustis is home to the Arnold Trail Snowmobile Club, Maine’s largest, & the head groomer is also the Club president as well as owner of the Pines Market, where if they don’t have it, you don’t need it! Not a regular snowmobiler??? You don’t know what you’re missing!! …but you can definitely find out! For those who want to rent a sled, or maybe prefer a guided tour, to see our beautiful backyard from places you cannot otherwise, Flagstaff Rentals have guided tours available that will be a highlight of any visit to the Maine High Peaks. Some places in New England haven’t had very good riding this winter; around here, that is certainly not true; conditions are excellent & have been for weeks! Head’s up tho; changing day to day temps, up & down, be vigilant while riding, & get after it while you can!!!

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