Our Lac Mégantic Neighbors visit to tell about the 2017 Snowkite Quebec Cup

Talk about up our alley!!??!! This is pretty crazy cool!! This winter, the Mégantic region was proud to welcome the contestants and the organization of Zone Turbulence for the 2017 Snowkite Quebec Cup, the Quebec Cup snowboarding championship, for the third time. The snowkite or snow traction kite is a booming sport that saw its debut in Canada in 1990. Over the years, Quebec has distinguished itself by being recognized as a leader in this sport in North America. Snowkiting is a sport that combines the passion of the outdoors, certain athletic qualities and a need to experience thrills! On March 4 & 5, despite chilly temps, the wind & lake conditions contributed to a world record over 104 kph on a snowboard propelled by a kite! This event offers new visibility to the region while energizing Lac Mégantic, so we invited Simon & Simon to be our guests to share with our viewers their excitement & an invitation to join in the fun at next year’s event one hour north of Sugarloaf, or on a lake near you…!!

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