Mid-station of the Gondi

Snow on the way again, hooray, looking more & more like a good old fashioned winter as each week rolls through w/ a bit more white heaven from above! Even if the wind blows a bit Monday, we’ll be skiing corn backside in April with glee, no worries. Speaking of the old days… the sights & sounds of Mid. Watch, Listen & Enjoy, I dare you to hear that sound without it bringing a smile to your face!! Then, Pause at this spot the next time you’re carving down Go-go Line & Look around….. Wonder if the trees still remember all the hooping & hollering that went on there when groomers never ever touched that trail & bumps grew to the size of VW bugs, sometimes, buses…??? It is still a great trail with the longest, steepest, best fall-line in New England, ….just not the same character as when Mid-station was there! Our Mountain. Our Home.

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